Terrain-AI’s latest in-field Sensor Hub

Electronic Engineering Team: The Terrain-AI sensor team have developed a prototype sensor hub platform. This ruggedised field unit is designed around a RaspberryPi single board computer. This sensor hub  unit is designed to accept inputs from various field based sensors (flux tower, soil respiration, soil moisture, weather sensors etc) located nearby and structure the data into compressed files before transmitting back to T-AI IoT server for ingestion into the data platform.

Smart Sensing: Some innovative aspects include its ability to handle  a wide variety of sensors and data loggers also power saving where the unit ‘wakes itself up’ at certain times of the day to transmit data – in small time bursts, usually tens of seconds to transfer a file. The unit is full programmable and future upgrades include data optimisation where only significant change e.g. exceeds a predefined threshold is recorded and transmitted.

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