The Terrain-AI Forestry team were on-site at one of our forest sites in Co Laois on the 9th & 10th September to take delivery and install the mast for the meteorological instruments and carbon sensors being deployed as part of our national network of benchmark sites. 

Standing at 40 metres tall, the tower will directly measure the exchange of greenhouse gases, heat and water between the forest canopy and the overlying atmosphere. State of the art sensors deployed on the tower will collect data on temperature, moisture, wind speed and direction and carbon dioxide and take more than 600 measurements per minute; such measurements play a vital role in understanding how forests respond to changing weather and climate. 

From the Forestry team, researchers Dr Brian Tobin and Dr Maryam Fazlollahi (UDC) and Dr Caren Jarmain (UL) were present to assist with the installation of the tower. 

The site in Laois is one of more than 20 benchmark sites across Ireland that collect similar measurements, which are relayed back to our data platform in near real time. Collectively, these benchmark sites, and the data they collect, will enable us to better understand the impact of human activities and land use change as a driver of global climate change.

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