Data discovery, analysis, modelling and visualisation

Terrain-AI establishes benchmark test-sites and data-gathering locations across Ireland, equipped with various field instruments, that are used to profile various habitats including; grasslands, croplands, forestry, wetlands, peatlands, and urban areas

This data is collated and fused with data from existing databases on our petabyte-scale data platform to develop profiles for these habitat types that simulate the exchanges of energy, water and carbon

These data streams are transformed into environmental indices using machine learning models and statistical methods, and integrated with earth system modelling to generate the best information possible for more effective and sustainable management practices and policies for carbon reduction. These models can then be used to predict patterns in comparable contexts and give a national perspective for more effective carbon management

This allows us to equip policy makers at the local and national level with sensitive and contextually specific information to help combat climate change


Applications currently offer opportunities to interact with the data platform in various ways; a traditional map-based Geographical Information Systems (GIS) dashboard, user interfaces for the Open Data Cube (ODC) system, and a point-cloud viewer

T-AI Geospatial Dashboard

A GIS web application for mapping spatial data

Makes requests to the ODC via an OWS/WMS service

ODC Explorer 

Web-based exploration of ODC collections of indexed and ingested datasets, product definitions and metadata

Currently used for cataloging and development purposes

Point Cloud Viewer

A viewer for LIDAR data captured at our test locations

Built on the Potrees software technology