Prof Brian Caulfield (TCD) spoke at the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Environment and Climate Action on 13th July on the role electric vehicles (EVs) will take in decarbonising transport.
He highlighted ongoing Terrain-AI work using geospatial techniques to map where EVs can be charged in Ireland and the distribution of driveways in urban areas.
“The data on the number of households with driveways for parking is poor. In 2017 a household survey conducted in Dublin showed that just 44% of these houses have a driveway – why this is important is, that’s the most efficient place to charge these vehicles”.

Brian’s research, through Terrain-AI, is using aerial imagery to find driveways and using machine learning to get more accurate data on driveway distribution.

To hear more about Terrain-AI research in this space, you can watch the full recording of the committee hearing here.

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