Terrain-AI PIs Tim McCarthy and Rowan Fealy presented Terrain-AI at the Derilinx Open Data Impact Series on 20th April. The webinar promotes awareness, adoption and use of open data in different sectors, and supports the publication of high-quality open data. 

Open data has proven to be of critical importance in the fight against climate change. Weather and environmental data are key from a transparency perspective to accurately present facts at both regional, national and international levels linked to this challenge. 

Open data provides the opportunity to link data of different format/sources (including meteorological, environmental – water and air, statistical, agricultural, energy etc) to better inform decision-making and deliver powerful solutions to address climate related issues. 

With direct participation from Minister Smyth, the Open Data Impact Series on Climate Change included a panel of international/national speakers that shared their insights and experience on how open data is produced, shared, linked and consumed to fight climate change. 


  • Minister Ossian Smyth – Minister of State for Public Procurement and eGovernment 
  • Veronique Morin – Senior Climate Change Specialist – World Bank 
  • Keith Lambkin – Senior Climatologist – Met Éireann 
  • Jamie Cudden – Smart City Lead for Dublin County Council 
  • Professor Brian Ó Gallachóir – Director – MaREI, the SFI Research Centre for Energy, Climate and Marine, Environmental Research Institute 
  • Prof. Tim McCarthy and Dr. Rowan Fealy – Terrain AI Project – NUI Maynooth 
  • Gavin Smith – Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry Initiative – EPA 
  • Charlotte O’Kelly – CEO – Techworks Marine 

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