Following months of planning, final checks are now underway for the start of the Aerial Surveys that will collect essential new data for the Terrain-AI Project. The aerial surveys, undertaken by GeoAerospace,  will commence flight missions over key locations in the coming weeks and continue over the months ahead

A total of 7,500 Hectares representing Grassland, Peatland, Croplands, Forests, and Urban land use will be surveyed with a Cessna light aircraft and operational drone fleet – equipped with the latest, state of the art sensor equipment – they will capture the surface land cover in an unrivalled level of detail and provide essential new information for understanding how the land surface responds to weather and climate.

Each mission will collect and process data using sophisticated sensors including Photogrammetry, Hyperspectral, Multispectral, Thermal, LiDAR & Radar.

All sensors, aircraft and drone operations are conducted by our team of highly experienced personnel and the data collected will help to increase our understanding of how management practices can influence carbon emissions arising from the landscape, thus enabling more sustainable land management practices.

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