Terrain-AI Principal Investigators Rowan Fealy and Tim McCarthy, along with Co-PI Brian Caulfield of TCD, presented as part of a stellar lineup of speakers for the 4th International John McCarthy AI Summer School. The event, which took place on September 7th and 8th, was themed on the topic of ‘AI for Sustainability’, and placed a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence in agricultural and climate sectors.

First to present from the Terrain-AI team, Brian Caulfield discussed his work on the Urban Driveways project – a novel approach using geospatial techniques and AI to detect driveways from Remote Sensing information in the Dubin area, and then categorise the region by feasibility to support Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption. Likewise, Rowan Fealy and Tim McCarthy used the opportunity to present on the breadth of research occurring across Terrain-AI – particularly in our implementation of an All-Island Research Infrastructure. Such an infrastructure allows a coordinated, interwoven approach to monitoring all terrestrial environments (ie, grassland, cropland, wetland, forest, settlements) across Ireland to provide researchers, policy-makers, and on-the-ground workers a comprehensive, flexible tool to suit their information requirements.

Read more about the event here.

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