This research is part of a larger urban profiling activity within Terrain-AI. The main challenge in this project was to map urban driveways at City-scale in order to plan for suitable electric vehicle charging points. There is no up to date database of driveways for Dublin City. The driveway detection algorithm uses very high-resolution multispectral data, height information from LiDAR, and GIS datasets to automatically detect properties that have a suitable driveway for EV charge-point.

This EO-GEO-ML processor, available in FarmVibes, was tested over a residential neighbourhood in Dublin city and performed well in detecting both properties with and without driveways.

Quick and easy detection of driveways can lead to timely interventions for promotion of EV uptake in neighbourhoods.  This method can be replicated in other cities of the world provided there are similar EO & GIS datasets.

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