This interactive workshop is organised in the framework of the MEF4CAP project, which seeks to harness the benefits of technology to meet the new data needs prompted by the reforms of the Common Agricultural Policy, Green Deal, Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategy. This requires new solutions which keep costs and administrative burden to a minimal, while optimising the value of the collected data. To deliver a roadmap for future monitoring solutions, the project wants to draw on the insights and perspectives of relevant stakeholders.

In this event, the MEF4CAP team presents the future data needs and potential sources identified in the first year of the project, and some of the promising ‘pathways’ linking monitoring needs with the technologies we are exploring. They also invite participants to share their feedback and own experiences – for example, to hear from farmers about their experience with using certain technologies (e.g. remote sensing) and from tech providers about the technologies expected to be rolled out widely in the next decade. They would also like to learn more from policy makers and administrators on the data-related questions they are facing, such as what data they need to monitor key policy objectives with minimal cost and burden.

To register for free for the event please visit here.

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