There been a lot of focus lately on the dreaded C word. No, not Covid, nor the increasingly early celebration of Christmas. The C word in question is climate change.

In recent weeks we have heard dire warnings from scientists and climate experts about our chances of keeping the warming of the planet to the 1.5 degree limit seen as our chance to avoid the worst impacts on our climate during the recent COP26 conference in Glasgow.

The impact of our changing climate is being seen in increased extreme weather events, wildfires and floods. As the COP26 conference heard, the situation is urgent and world leaders need to take effective action before it is too late.

Developing those effective policies is key to success and one Irish-based project is hoping to play a major role in helping to cut global emissions and help tackle the problem of climate change. Terrain-AI aims to improve the understanding of the impact of human activity on land use and how it relates to climate change, with the aim of improving carbon measurement that will inform future carbon reduction strategies.

Read the full article on the Irish Times website here.

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