Terrain-AI’s sensor team carried-out initial testing of our methane (CH4) sensor mounted on a DJI M600 drone over an agricultural site in Dunsany, Co Meath. (operated by Aerospace.com on behalf of Maynooth University)

This airborne sensor is capable of sensing methane at levels as low as 0.4 parts per million (ppm) using a Tuneable Diode Laser Spectrometer (TDLS). The drone can be programmed to fly a number of flight lines over for example a 10 hectare site, at between 30-80 metres above ground level. Air samples are acquired at 1 second intervals and geolocated using a GPS.

These readings are then gridded to produce a ‘heat-map’ indicating concentrations of methane emissions– which can be caused by rotting vegetation, large herds of cows/cattle, landfill etc. – across the site under investigation.

Image courtesy of GeoAerospace.com

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